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73 Gorgeous Chattanooga Wedding Venues to Make Your Big Day Unforgettable

Updated: Apr 7

Planning a wedding in ‘the Scenic City’ comes with a lot of dilemmas. And few other aspects of the wedding are as crucial as the site and location because it’s where all the other wedding elements come together. Today, we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the best Chattanooga wedding venues so that you can see all the options in one place before taking your pick.

Whether you want a grand reception or an intimate ceremony, a classy indoor ballroom, or a luscious garden with natural beauty, there's a wedding venue here for you.

1. The Venue

The Venue Chattanooga entrance.

Located a little less than 10 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, The Venue offers the ideal indoor-outdoor combination of spaces. The Garden is a gorgeous outdoor area with perennial blooms and mulched beds beautifying the area. The Venue is a 9000 sq. ft. space with indoor hosting that can house over 300 seated guests.

Pricing can come down to $3,400 on Fridays and Sundays during the off-season. Busy months like April or October can have the rates go up to $5,200 for Saturdays. Check out their wedding packages for more details.

2. Howe Farms

Newly wedded couple sharing a kiss outside the Highlands Chapel, Howe Farms, in Chattanooga.

Howe Farms offers over 330 acres of gorgeous backdrops and landscapes that are spread across six unique venues. Couples can choose from cozy ceremonies at the Highlands Chapel or lush outdoor receptions at The Pavilion. Get a glimpse of their other wedding spaces here.

At full capacity, pricing can go as high as $7,950 for the Apple Barn. But with limited guests, you can get any of the venues for as low as $1000. So, they have one of the most flexible prices among top Chattanooga wedding venues.

3. Crabtree Farms – Evelyn Center

Front view of the Evelyn Center, with its rich wooden construction and warm, welcoming lights.

Crabtree Farms is arguably the most organic and natural space among Chattanooga wedding venues. Their Evelyn Center makes a picturesque setting for any marriage ceremony, with its wood walls, high ceilings, and glass doors.

The site can accommodate up to 225 guests, and they have incredibly affordable rates of $1,500-$2,500.

4. Tennessee River Place

Beautiful evening view of a reception pavilion with the villa and the Tennessee River in the background.

This premier wedding venue at Scenic Waters Lane captures the natural essence of Chattanooga. Whether it’s a small group of 30 or a big wedding bash of 600 guests, this venue offers everything from open pavilions to overnight accommodations.

Their wedding packages range from $1,000 to $7,000, depending on your guests and requirements. You can also get a personal quote if you get in touch.

5. Cadence Coffee Co.

Newly-wedded couple sampling freshly brewed coffee at the Cadence Coffee Co

This coffee brewing place in Chattanooga is ideal for weddings with 70-75 guests (or less). It offers the ideal living-room vibe that's cozy and personal for both the married couple and the guests.

They charge $45/hour for bookings within operational hours. If you want to have the reception after their working hours, it’s $85/hour.

6. Weaver’s Room at the Old Woolen Mill

Victorian-style wooden posts and beams that are perfect for receptions in The Loft at the Old Woolen Mill.

The Weaver’s Room gets its name from the clothing factory that occupied it during the Victorian Era. So, if you’re looking for a vintage, industrial-themed wedding venue in Chattanooga, this one offers four beautiful spaces – the Weaver’s Room, the Loft, the Café, and the Studio Suite. Take a 360° tour of the location to see what it looks like.

The Café and Studio Suite charge $50/hour (or $800 for the whole day) during weekdays. And the Weaver's Room, which can accommodate over 200 guests, is more expensive at $150/hour (or $1,200 for the day).

7. Chattanooga Event Center

Beautiful white dining tables with buffet servers on the side and a cozy bar in the background

The Chattanooga Event Center offers a modern event space that’s easily accessible, located at the heart of this scenic city. You also get access to local bakers, chefs, planners, and other vendors who provide wedding-specific products and services.

Their prices average around $150/hour for weekdays, which go up to about $200/hour for weekends. You also get separate packages and add-ons depending on your wedding size.

8. Pigeon Mountain Crossing

Guests flocked in the ‘The Barn’ at Pigeon Mountain Crossing to witness a wedding ceremony.

Pigeon Mountain Crossing is always a top pick among Chattanooga wedding venues with over 90 acres of woodlands, spring-fed lakes, and natural greenery. The Barn offers over 6,500 sq. ft. of rustic indoor space, and The Cabin offers six cozy rooms for overnight stays.

Rentals can cost as little as $1,000 during weekdays and about $3,200 for weekends, including lodging facilities.

9. Tunnel Hill Depot

Bride poses with bridesmaids under the original wooden beams of the Tunnel Hill Depot, Chattanooga.

Standing as a heritage of the railroad boom during the 1800s, this historic space offers 2,100 sq. ft. of indoor space and over 4,800 sq. ft. of outdoor reception space. You can request a quote with an estimated guest list and décor requirements.

With free Wi-Fi, 178 guest capacity, and a sprawling dance floor, it has all you’d want in a Chattanooga wedding venue.

10. Century Club Banquet Hall

Dining tables with white linen and red drapes ready for a wedding reception at the Century Club.

Located beside Highway 153, this venue offers premium event hosting space at budget-friendly rates for Chattanooga weddings. It has a guest capacity of 140, free parking, tables and chairs that come with the venue, and modern AV equipment.

They charge a nominal $200 for four hours on working weekdays. Weekend rentals are slightly more expensive but still relatively cheap at $795.

Image tag: Dining tables with white linen and red drapes ready for a wedding reception at the Century Club.

11. Chattanooga River Boat

White linen tables and red velvet chairs neatly arranged for a wedding on the Chattanooga River boat.

If you’ve ever fantasized about getting married on a cruise, the Chattanooga River Boat is the ideal option. The riverboat comes with a full bar, in-house catering, your choice of entertainment, and a deck that can host over 400 guests.

They offer nine unique wedding packages that offer different provisions for your wedding preference. Basic packages cost as little as $325, and the more lavish plans can go up to $6,000.

12. The Museum Center at 5ive Points

Guests at a reception in the museum’s Cultural Center with a conical chandelier and draped lighting above.

The Museum Center at 5ive Points is a center of historical heritage and displays. The exhibits showcase the cultural history of the Ocoee Region. And it's one of the classiest venues for weddings around Chattanooga and nearby cities.

The venue boasts of a sprawling event space that can host up to 400 guests. And you can choose from six different areas that each have a wonderful ambiance. Depending on the space you choose and the number of your guests, rentals can cost anywhere from $125 to $2,500.

13. St. Elmo Fire Hall

An outdoor view of St. Elmo Fire Hall with its bricked courtyard.

Originally a fire station in the mid-1900s, this beautiful building was refurbished to serve as an event space and landmark for the city of. It's not the biggest wedding venue in Chattanooga, but it's certainly one of the coziest sites. It's especially ideal if your reception has guests numbering 50-75.

You can rent the venue through one of three packages – the Simple, Classic, and Deluxe plans. The Simple Wedding Package starts at $650 for weekdays, and the Deluxe Package costs $1,650 for weekends. Check their pricing policy to see what amenities you get for each package.

14. The Chattanoogan Hotel, by Hilton

A banquet setting at The Chattanoogan with silver satin drapes the chairs and white linen on the tables.

No list of Chattanooga wedding venues would be complete without The Chattanoogan – a luxury hotel that provides over 25,000 sq. ft. of premium event space.

The Chattanoogan Ballroom is 7,500 sq. ft, making it the largest ballroom in the entire city. With a capacity of 600 and fully accessible amenities, it’s a popular choice for big weddings and gatherings. For smaller marriage ceremonies, the Kelley Room that hosts 70 people is great for ceremonies, and the Ochs Room is a banquet space where you can hold a reception with the same capacity.

Based on which space and package you opt for, The Chattanoogan’s rates can go from $1,550 up to $15,000.

15. The Mill Event Hall of Chattanooga

Front entrance of The Mill Event Hall with a wedding convertible car parked in front.

The Mill Event Hall is a rustic-themed event space that comes with fully modern facilities. It can host over 500 guests for large weddings or create a cozy space for small marriage ceremonies with 40-50 guests.

The packages at The Mill Event Hall can come as low as $200 or go up to $3,750 based on the setup you require. One thing that stands out about this wedding venue in Chattanooga is its personalization. Everything from the facilities to the menu can be customized based on your preference.

16. Hutton and Smith Brewing

Bride and groom exchange vows in the Hutton and Smith Barrel Room as friends and family look on.

Another awesome venue in Chattanooga is Hutton and Smith Brewing, provided you don't have a big number of attendees. This charming wedding venue can accommodate up to 70 guests at a time, and the modern yet industrial aesthetic brings it all together.

The painted scaffolding, exposed vents, lines of casks, and barrels all work to give you that bohemian ambiance. The pricing for this venue is usually between $500 to $1000, depending on the rental dates and number of guests.

17. The Event Room at Cue the Champagne

Silver-colored chairs lined up for a wedding with white drapes and exposed brick designs in the background.

Cue The Champagne is a wedding management service and venue that creates beautiful, personal, and intimate wedding ceremonies. Although the place has over 1,500 sq. ft. of space, the ideal number of guests for the space is 30-45.

The site is more than a hundred years old, yet you still get all the modern amenities you’ll need for your gathering. Renting The Event Room on weekdays will cost at least $100/hour, which goes up to $400/hour on weekends.

18. The Peyton

A couple exchanging vows against a white backdrop as friends and family look on.

The Peyton offers a chic and modern backdrop for wedding ceremonies of any size. If you’re planning a bigger gathering, you can rent the Stratton Hall, which is also part of The Peyton. Combined, they can host over 900 people (reception style) or have 700 seated guests.

Wedding ceremonies will cost $500 per event, and additional venue rentals will range between $1,200 and $4,000.

19. The Lookout Mountain Club

Round tables, chairs, and silverware set up for an evening reception in the Fairyland Clubhouse at the Lookout Mountain Club.

This venue was run as an inn back in 1926, and almost a century later, it's a premium event venue serving the Chattanooga area and beyond.

They offer two beautiful properties – the Fairyland Clubhouse and the Golf Course and Clubhouse. With a capacity of over 400 people, it’s a suitable size for most marriage gatherings.

The facility rental can range between $2,000 and $5,750, depending on which properties you pick. And the food can cost anywhere between $5/person to $38/person depending on the menu and dishes you want.

20. Grandview

Chairs lined up in the Patio, Grandview, for a wedding ceremony overlooking the vast Chattanooga valley.

The Grandview is aptly named because it's an elegant space that has exquisite views of the Chattanooga valley. Weddings at the Grandview are especially beautiful during the spring and summer seasons.

You can have up to 100 guests (or more) at the Grandview, but it’s not ideal for huge gatherings. You can choose up to four spaces available here – the Courtyard, the Patio, The House, and the Pavilion at Rock City.

Depending on what package you choose, prices range from $2,550 to $4,250 during peak season and a more economical range of $1,950 to $3,150 during the off-season period.

21. The Homestead

White chairs laid out at the Homestead’s Courtyard for a wedding ceremony.

If you want to have your wedding at one of the beautiful valleys of the south, The Homestead at Cloudland Station is another excellent choice. It’s among the premier and largest barn venues for weddings in the whole region.

They offer three spaces – the Peacock Hall, the Courtyard, and the Celebration Barn. Their peak season rates are about $3,900 for weekdays and $6,900 for Saturdays. During the off-season, pricing comes down to $2,925 for weekdays and $5,175 on Saturdays.

22. Ringgold Wedding Chapel

Front view of the Ringgold Wedding Chapel with red brick walls and white pillars in the front.

Ringgold Wedding Chapel is the ideal option for simple, intimate, and no-frills weddings. The venue hosts over 800 weddings every year, so they have the expertise and experience to hold any wedding service.

Their pricing ranges from $135 to $600 if it’s a small ceremony-only wedding. For a combination of both ceremony and reception, the venue rates can cost between $645 and $2,445 based on the facilities you choose.

They have an incredibly detailed packaging and pricing plan, which you can check out here.

23. Hidden Hollow Resort

Dining tables laid out in Hidden Hollow’s outdoor reception, covered with white linen and decorated with colorful flowers.

The Hidden Hollow is the ideal getaway within the Chattanooga area. If you want a cozy wedding away from the noise, hustle, and bustle of the city, this one is worth checking out.

With over 135 acres of greenery and wooded areas, many couples have had their dream rustic wedding in this place. They offer outdoor receptions under the Lookout Mountains, indoor receptions at the Music Lodge, or simple ceremonies at Bonny Jean’s Porch or the winding creek.

If you take the outdoor reception along with Music Lodge, the fees come to about $1,400. But if you include Bonny Jean's Porch and additional facilities, the pricing can go up to $2,900.

24. Northwest Georgia Amphitheater

A full view of the amphitheater's stage and partial view of the seating gallery.

When it’s not hosting the latest country artist’s concert, the Northwest Georgia Amphitheater becomes an elegant outdoor wedding venue. With a seating capacity of 3,500, this beautiful venue can accommodate weddings of all sizes.

You can check out the venue’s yearly calendar to see if your dates are available. IF available, you can rent it for a paltry sum of $500. Given the size of the venue, the rental charge is one of the cheapest rates you’ll find in the whole region.

25. Coal City Bluff

Tables and chairs laid out and ready for a reception in the Pavilion.

Coal City Bluff is a 52-acre property above Sand Mountain, where you get picturesque views of the valleys and rolling hills below. You can choose from three beautiful spaces – the Bluff, the Event Hall, and the Pavilion.

They also offer the Bridal Suite and the Gentleman’s Cabin for you to get ready in style. With a capacity of 300, you can have a big bash wedding or a small, intimate affair.

26. Holiday Inn Chattanooga

A full dining experience laid out for a wedding reception at the Holiday Inn.

The Holiday Inn at Chattanooga offers over 2000 sq. ft. of space spread across three different event rooms. The largest room can hold up to 175 people, which makes it perfect for a smaller or mid-sized reception/ceremony.

They also have top-of-the-line audio-visual equipment so that your event doesn’t struggle with interaction and communication. Holiday Inn regularly gives special offers to customers who want to rent or stay in their property.

27. The Car Barn Chattanooga

A wedding ceremony set up with a white carpet aisle strewn with flowers and white chairs on either side.

The Car Barn continues to be among the most sought-after Chattanooga Wedding Venues. That's because they offer a wide range of amenities that make your wedding convenient, beautiful, and fun. Examples of some of the facilities include 60-inch round tables with linen, an in-house DJ, standby staff and greeters, bartenders, and one of the best wedding menus in the area.

You can request a quote for their event spaces on their website. And depending on the catering menu, the food costs about $23 to $30 per person.

28. Spare Time Chattanooga

Warmly lit dining area with a bar at the Spare Time Chattanooga

Spare Time Chattanooga is a bowling alley that regularly hosts birthday celebrations and corporate dinners. But with the right touch-up, it gets converted to a beautiful wedding site.

You can use their reservation section on the website to enquire about prices and rates. As far as an evening cocktail party is concerned, they charge around $18.99 to $23.99 per person.

29. Creative Discovery Museum

Front view of the CDM with the tower on the left and tall glass walls on the right.

The Creative Discovery Museum, or CDM for short, is a non-profit establishment and a tourist attraction. But most people don’t know that it’s a great event venue too. If you’re looking for Chattanooga wedding venues that are unique and out-of-the-ordinary, consider this awesome place.

The CDM's Atrium Area can host up to 200 people, and the Auditorium can hold over 100 people. If you want some fresh air, the Rooftop Fun Factory is a nice place to gather with friends for an evening reception.

30. Fairfield Inns and Suites Chattanooga

Front view of the Fairfield Inns and Suits with driveway and entrance.

Part of Marriot Hotels in the region, the Fairfield Inns and Suites lie less than 4 miles from the Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport. It offers three spaces – the Central Station, the Terminal Station, and the Brass Hats.

If you and your bridal party need accommodations, they offer some of the most comfortable lodgings with great food.

Check out their special rates and offers to get the best deals for your wedding rental.

31. Double Tree by Hilton

Round tables and chairs set under ambient blue lights at the Double Tree

If you’re dreaming of a grand wedding in a luxury hotel in downtown Chattanooga, the Double Tree by Hilton is a must-see. With towering walls and premium accommodations, you can have a comfortable wedding on their premises.

They offer over 15,000 sq. ft. of event space, and the biggest room offers 4,370 sq. ft. of sprawling space.

32. Chatta Events

Rows of chairs facing the stage under a beautiful chandelier at Chatta Events.

One cannot go through a list of Chattanooga wedding venues without looking at Chatta Events. Locals and visitors alike have used this prime venue for countless celebrations and events. And getting married in their charming halls is a dream for many couples.

They offer in-house tables and chairs, photography services, event décor, staging, and even valet parking. You can use their contact page to enquire about additional services and their standard rates.

33. Residence Inn Chattanooga

Round tables set with purple and gold linens in the Alexander Hamilton Room, Residence Inn, Chattanooga.

Another one from Marriot Hotels in Chattanooga is the Residence Inn. They offer five event rooms and four maximum breakout rooms. The Alexander Hamilton Ballroom has a capacity of 500, and all their rooms combined give you more than 7,700 sq. ft. of event space. For smaller ceremonies, the Andrew Jackson Room can host a group of 24 attendees.

To get pricing quotes, use their contact page to enter details about your plans and dates. They’ll get back with an estimate of how much it will cost.

34. Tivoli Theatre

A concert scene at Tivoli Theatre where you can tell there is enough space for both big and small weddings.

Located at Broad Street, Tivoli Theatre is better known for concerts and shows. But it can rival most other Chattanooga wedding venues in style and space.

One of their standout features is the incredibly professional staff that will help you at every step. Whether it’s seating arrangements, décor, or photo shoots, there is always assistance available.

35. Hunter Museum of American Art

Tables and wooden chairs with beige linen set up in the Riverview Terrace with a stage in the background.

The Hunter Museum of American Art can host anything from ballets and conferences to galas and weddings. The Grand Atrium and Auditorium, with 4000 sq. ft. of space, is great for both receptions and ceremonies. But if you want a cocktail outdoors with friends and family, the Riverview Terrace is a great choice too.

You can check out more details of the venue and its spaces here. Each space will also have an ‘Inquiry’ button next to it on the website.

36. 901 Lindsay

White chairs laid out for a wedding ceremony in 901 Lindsay’s garden space.

Another gorgeous event space in Downtown Chattanooga is the 901 Lindsay. It's also one of the very few wedding venues with an outdoor garden in the Downtown area. The reception area can have up to 200 guests if you want a sit-down meal. But if you include the whole event space, you can have several hundred guests.

They also offer in-house catering and a bar menu with professional bartenders. Whether its décor, flowers, linen, or photography, you can make use of their wedding coordinating services

37. Springhill Suites Chattanooga

Round tables paired with green chairs and green carpets in the River Room, Springhill Suites.

Another top pick among Downtown Chattanooga wedding venues is the Springhill Suites. The location makes it easily accessible, and it has a rich background in hosting small gatherings. You can choose from three main spaces – the River Room, Tennessee River Room, and the Tennessee Room.

Out of the three, the Tennessee River Room has the biggest capacity with space for 100 guests. For smaller ceremonies, the River Room and the Tennessee Room are also ideal options.

38. Hilton Garden Inn Chattanooga

Front view of the Hilton Garden Inn building.

The Hilton Garden Inn at Chattanooga is a place worth considering before you finalize the venue for your wedding. The place is merely five minutes away from the famed Hamilton Place. Also, Chattanooga Airport, Railroad Museum, and Volkswagen Factory are only a few miles away.

The Hilton Garden Inn also offers lodging spaces if you want to spend a day or two there. Or you can use the main suites as the bridal suite for getting ready.

39. Hampton Inn by Hilton Ringgold

Front view of the Hampton Inn with illuminated driveway and entrance.

Although the Hampton Inn is a large complex, the event space isn’t the biggest. But the hotel does offer around 600 sq. ft. of meeting space that’s good enough for 50-60 people. So, if it’s a small wedding ceremony, the Hampton Inn is a viable option.

You can get in touch with the hotel’s management to enquire about their amenities and pricing for weddings. But you can certainly expect basic facilities like adequate parking and free Wi-Fi for your guests.

40. The Venue at Lilly Lou’s

Bride and groom dance as guests look on at Lilly Lou’s.

If you don’t mind venturing out of Chattanooga to nearby areas, The Venue at Lilly Lou’s is a great option.

All of their packages come with full access to the sprawling 5,700 sq. ft., which is climate-controlled for maximum comfort. This combined space gives you enough room to have up to 200 guests. You can also choose from one of their four venues for both your reception and ceremony.

Their pricing ranges from $1,275 up to $3,500, depending on which package and arrangement you choose.

41. The Ross Farm (Weddings at the Barn)

Beautiful ceremony site laid out in the lawns of The Ross Farm

Weddings at the Barn, is an event venue that is specially dedicated to weddings ceremonies and receptions. So, you can expect a fully professional team at your disposal if you wish to enlist their services.

Their capacity ranges from 50 to 250 people depending on which spaces you rent. And you’ll get access to both outdoor spaces and cozy indoor venues. If you consider all the Chattanooga wedding venues and include the nearby region, the Ross Farm is surely among the best out there. The only catch is that it’s located about 22 miles out of Chattanooga.

Rentals will cost you from $4,250 to $4,950.

42. Dalton Convention Center

Round tables and chairs in white linen ready for reception in the Dalton Convention Center.

The Dalton Convention Center offers everything you’ll need for a grand wedding. They have two ballrooms and two exhibit halls. The two ballrooms have a combined capacity of 600, with over 10,000 sq. ft. of space. The exhibit halls have a banquet capacity of 2000 people, with more than 40,000 sq. ft. of space.

Their menus have a wide range of entrees, hors d’Oeuvres, and different courses. You can also opt for champagne toasts and chocolate fountains if it suits your fancy. With DJ/live band options, AV systems, and parking for 1000 cars, it has all that you’ll expect from a top-class venue.

The buffet-style spread will cost $27/person, and plated style will cost you $31/person. But you can choose from Primary, Premiere, and Pristine packages based on your budget.

43. The Barn at Castle Rock

Open-floor barn with tables set and drapes on the ceiling.

The Barn at Castle Rock is a rustic and homely venue for any marriage gathering. They have an arch outside under which you can exchange your vows, and the open floor Barn is ideal for receptions and banquets.

All their packages include a 3-day use of the venue, tables and chairs, metal and wooden arches, photo props, an outdoor fire pit, centerpieces, and lots of other amenities and additions.

Their pricing plans are $2,800 for 50 guests, $3,200 for 100 guests, $3,600 for 150 guests, $4,000 for 200 guests and $4,400 for 250 guests.

44. The Barn at Drewia Hill

Tables set with white and green linen at The Barn at Drewia Hill.

Chattanooga and nearby areas are known for their rustic and scenic wedding venues. The Barn at Drewia Hill is another addition to the long list of cozy farm-themed venues.

The barn covers over 3,200 sq. ft. of event space and can host over 150 people if seated. There's also a 40x16 area behind the barn, which is great for an outdoor reception. Also, they'll give you recommendations for vendors if you need.

Rental charges for the barn and surrounding areas can range from $2,800 to $3,500.

45. Hemlock Falls

Tables with white linen and wooden dance floor under a white tent in the cabin’s grounds.

Chattanooga wedding venues often boast of beautiful natural surroundings, and Hemlock Falls is no exception. It’s a cabin retreat in the mountains that also serves as a gorgeous venue.

It's the ideal spot to exchange your vows if you want pristine greenery and picturesque valleys as your backdrop. The Cabin comes with an occupancy capacity of 4 people, so it can be a bridal suite on the wedding day and a honeymoon suite on the next.

The outdoor grounds can be roofed to accommodate up to 175 people. And rental charges will usually be between $1,250 and $3,850.

46. The McLemore

A warm scene of an evening reception at The McLemore

The McLemore is a premier event venue nestled within the majestic mountains of Tennessee with a wide range of facilities. Choose from five unique event spaces depending on the size and theme of your wedding.

The Skye Lawn can host up to 400 people, while the Bier Garden and Event Pavilion can each hold up to 150 guests seated. For smaller gatherings and ceremonies, the Creag Terrace and the Private Dining Room can hold 80 and 22 guests each.

Pricing for this venue ranges between $450 to $3,250 based on your facilities and the number of guests.

47. Charleston Manor

White chairs laid out for a ceremony in Manor's lawn, with the barn as the backdrop.

The Charleston Manor is a cozy estate that has retained the charm of the pre-Civil War era. The whole place comes with décor that reflects the aesthetics of this period.

Even the ceilings and Manor'sor's floors are the original components of the antebellum-style home.

The home and grounds can accommodate 50-75 guests. So, it’s better suited for smaller weddings and marriage ceremonies. Renting out the whole property will cost you no more than $800.

48. The Renaissance Center

Bride walking down the aisle with her father as groom waits with the minister under the outdoor pagoda.

The Renaissance Center is a reputed event space that hosts everything from corporate meets to cozy weddings. It’s not just among the best Chattanooga wedding venues, but it also caters widely to the North Georgia region.

They offer over 7,500 sq. ft. of event space, both indoor and outdoor spaces, high-quality AV systems, a pagoda for ceremonies, adequate parking, and a lodging facility for guests.

The Renaissance Center also offers planning and logistics services to ease the burden of the bride and groom.

49. The Sewanee Inn

Beautiful front view of The Sewanee Inn and its entrance.

So, this one technically doesn’t qualify as one of the Chattanooga wedding venues, because it’s over 35 miles out in Sewanee. But it’s known to host many weddings arriving from Chattanooga.

With an event space of over 8000 sq. ft., this venue can easily host over 500 people in a single space. The spaces include the McCardell Hall (550), the Event Lawn (500), Cumberland (230), Green’s View (75), and the Lookout Parlor (50).

You can browse more information on their wedding services here.

50. Bell Mill Mansion

Aerial view of the Bell Mill Mansion showing the house, parking, gardens, and grounds.

The Bell Mill Mansion is a grand and elegant wedding venue that serves the entire Tennessee region. They have a dedicated sales and services team who assists the bride and groom with every arrangement.

The mansion and its grounds occupy about 32 acres of peaceful, lush gardens and spaces. Whether it’s the Greek-style mansion patio or the sprawling greenery behind, the choice of ceremony and reception are yours.

If you’re looking for Chattanooga wedding venues ideal for destination weddings, the Bell Mill Mansion offers weekend packages too.

51. The Views at Sunset Ridge

Chairs lined up for the ceremony at the Row Hall, with stairs and across as the backdrop.

This 200-acre property lies in a scenic site on the Red Clay Ridge. It’s an event destination that offers everything for a dream wedding.