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How To Save Money On A Chattanooga Wedding

Updated: May 25, 2022

Coins spilling out of a vase showing how much you can save on a Chattanooga Wedding

Chattanooga has a lot to offer brides who are planning a city wedding. You can find many affordable venues converted from old warehouses or factories into trendy spaces with exposed brick walls and cement floors perfect for hosting an urban wedding. In places like Chattanooga, you can find many of these venues at an affordable price.

If you're not into the idea of hosting your wedding in a converted warehouse, more traditional venues are also available. There are mansions with landscaped lawns for weddings on the outskirts of town and some options downtown. Personalized wedding planning services are often offered to make the day-of run more smoothly and help you avoid any party mishaps.

Some of the tips on how to save money in a Chattanooga wedding:

Outdoor Weddings: If you want to find a beautiful outdoor wedding site in Chattanooga, look no further than the lush mountains surrounding the city. Outdoor weddings in these areas provide breathtaking scenery and fresh air, and most venues offer many different packages for brides on a budget. It is found without taking a huge toll on your wallet. Remember, when it comes to weddings in Chattanooga, TN, you don't have to choose between the best and the cheapest. You can have both!

Casual dinner rehearsal: A great way to find an affordable Chattanooga wedding is to have a casual rehearsal dinner at home with close friends and family. This type of event can be less expensive than hosting an entire reception while still offering the same relaxed atmosphere for mingling.

Budget-friendly wedding: When you begin planning your wedding in Chattanooga, find a budget-friendly wedding service to help you plan your day. One good site for this is Budget Bridal Service, which offers great party planning tips and ideas on saving money while still having an amazing time at your special event. You can even go with a casual, relaxed vibe when planning your wedding. Keep the focus on the love between you and your partner rather than how "fancy" your event is.

Offers and deals: Another great way to save money when planning a Chattanooga wedding is to shop around for both venues and vendors. Look for deals and offers to help cut the cost of your day. It is one of the most important parts of wedding planning, so do not be afraid to bargain with vendors.

Venues: Chattanooga is full of options for reasonable prices if you want an elegant wedding but don't want to spend a fortune on it. With the rising popularity of weddings, newly refurbished and created venues are opening up all the time. When you start looking for a wedding venue, try to find one that can accommodate your budget as well as offer value for your money.

There are also many great venues in Chattanooga, TN, that provide discounts for certain types of weddings. For example, you might be able to get a discount if your wedding is during an off-peak season or if you only require the use of a particular room in a venue.

Don't have your wedding on a Friday or Saturday night. Many venues are more expensive on the weekends, so you will be able to significantly reduce your costs if you have it during the week. The best way to save money on your wedding day in Chattanooga, TN, is by having an intimate wedding at two separate venues for the ceremony and reception. Not only will this cut down on catering costs, but it will also give you more say when it comes to choosing your vendors.

Payment plan: The next best thing to finding a free venue is finding one that offers you flexibility in payments. A lot of venues, including popular Chattanooga wedding sites, offer payment plans so that you can pay for your wedding over time instead of all at once. It will help cut the cost of your big day and allow you to avoid any unnecessary expenses.

Budget management: One of the most common reasons couples go over budget is by purchasing unnecessary items for their reception. To avoid this, don't let yourself get carried away with decor until you know how much money you'll have to spend on it.

Additional expenditure: You can also save on additional expenses by planning more than just your ceremony and reception in Chattanooga. For example, many brides will have their bridal portraits taken weeks or even months before their wedding, and it will help offset the cost of a photographer at their wedding, and guests have something to give them as a wedding gift.

When looking for a wedding in Chattanooga, TN, you mustn't forget about all the hidden expenses that go into planning a wedding. The best way to avoid getting carried away at the expense of your wallet is to sit down with a wedding planner who can help you look into the needs of your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon.

Photographer: When looking for a Chattanooga wedding photographer, be aware of any hidden fees they might charge. While it's usually not a problem, some photographers charge for things that are normally considered standard, e.g., an engagement shoot or an album. To avoid any surprises, look into the contract you sign before committing to any one photographer, so you know exactly what they require of you.

Knowledge of Vendors: when choosing your vendor team in Chattanooga, TN, it's best to go with a knowledgeable and experienced wedding planner who can assist you in your search for vendors and understand the needs of your wedding. Wedding planners charge a fee, but they often save money by helping to negotiate contracts on your behalf.

Wedding planner: Some local wedding planners also provide discounts on certain types of weddings as well as complimentary engagement photos, which may help offset the cost of their service. In any case, a Chattanooga wedding planner will help you to stay on time and on budget.

When looking for a venue in Chattanooga, TN, try to avoid booking a place that requires you to hire a minimum number of vendors. If you can't find an affordable wedding service in Chattanooga, you can easily cut costs by hiring a wedding planner who will only require the presence of a photographer and a DJ.

A wedding planner can help you with your wedding checklist. Weddings are expensive affairs that need a lot of organization and spending. Wedding planners can be of great help for couples who don't want to go off track while organizing their wedding day. They're also great for couples who don't have the time to sit down and plan their wedding.

Managing Guest List: Another great way to save money when getting married in Chattanooga, TN, is by cutting down on the number of guests you invite. While this may seem rude at first, it will actually help cut costs and make your wedding more personal and intimate.

Transportation: Although you want to be able to invite your family and friends, a destination wedding might be the perfect option for you if you're looking to save money. Many couples from Chattanooga, TN, choose this route because they don't have to rent a space for their reception or provide travel for guests.

Online checking: You can also save money by putting hotel rates in perspective by checking prices online at various hotels near where you are having your wedding. They are often within walking distance, so that may save guests some money for drinks and cabs.

Staying organized: The most important thing you can do when planning your Chattanooga wedding is staying organized. It will help you avoid any unnecessary expenses and save money on things like invitations (which you don't even need if it's an elopement!) and wedding favors. Just remember to keep your priorities straight, prioritize the most important things to you, and never stop searching for new ways to save money. Have your parents pay for the wedding gifts or flowers if they are able to. While this might seem like an obvious way to save on wedding costs, you never know until you ask!

Wedding dress: Opt for a bridesmaid gown instead if you can't afford to pay for your wedding dress in Chattanooga, TN. While this won't be ideal, it will still save you a lot of money. You can also consider renting a dress or even buying one off the rack at your local bridal shop. Later you can sell your wedding dress if it's not your style anymore. You can even do it through Facebook or Craigslist. You can still make money for yourself and help someone else get a beautiful wedding dress.

Bridal shower: Consider having a local craft day instead of a bridal shower for all of your friends and family. It will help you cut costs without giving up the opportunity to celebrate with those closest to you! Don't have a groom's dinner. Just let your soon-to-be husband chill with the guys on his own or invite him along for girl time and a fun activity on the big night.

Bridesmaids: Have best friends as your bridesmaids, it will come out cheaper, and you can choose what they get to wear and help them to pick out and stay on budget. Turn old baby food jars into cute flower girl baskets for all those rose petals you will be needing! All you need is tulle and ribbon and some nice paper to put inside.

Wedding coordinator: Get a wedding coordinator but get one that is actually in the area you're getting married. They are usually less expensive. You can find them at the events office of your city or town. They will help you cut costs on your honeymoon, or you can even make the Maid of Honor do all the planning and organizing! If it's not in her character, give her an assistant who will help her out.

Family-style dinner: If you want to avoid spending a fortune on food and drink at your reception, think about having a family-style dinner. Not only will this cut down on catering costs, but it will also help to reduce the amount of food that gets wasted at your reception. Use real dishes and silverware, no plastic! They usually charge $1 per person for the rental fee if you rent them.

First course: Offer lots of options for appetizers and food at your cocktail hour so people can eat when they are hungry instead of waiting around for dinner. Food is always one of the bigger expenses on a wedding budget, so keeping appetizers simple will help cut costs.

Decoration: Consider using simple decorations like flowers instead of elaborate centerpieces at your reception table. Not only will this help cut down on catering costs, but it can also make your reception look more elegant and eye-catching.

Wedding favors: Create programs using card stock and markers. Try putting together little swag bags with hard candies, mints, bubbles, etc., that say "Thank You" or "We're Married."

Entertainment: Forget about the DJ service; many churches are equipped with an excellent sound system for you to hook up your iPod and download appropriate background songs. It's also likely to be more affordable this way! Also, consider asking friends to provide music.

Hire a local band from Craigslist, usually much cheaper than booking a DJ, and the guests will have more fun dancing to live music. And probably be just as memorable as an evening of Top '40s by a DJ! Have everyone chip in for the cost - that way; you don't pay full price if it is an early wedding!


A wedding planner in Chattanooga, Tennessee, will take care of all the tedious work associated with planning a wedding. All you must do is stay calm and relax. They are well versed in handling all kinds of wedding-related tasks, including venue selection, décor, catering, music, photography, and entertainment. Everything that has anything to do with your wedding, they will want to take care of it. All you need to do is provide them with the necessary budget and get on with planning out-of-the-box activities for your big day.

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