20 Best Places to Propose In Chattanooga

Updated: Aug 20

Chattanooga has been named one of America's "Best Towns Ever" by the Outside magazine for its arts scene and vibrant downtown. With this title, Chattanooga has PLENTY of beautiful places to purpose. Below is a list of our 20 favorite places to propose in Chattanooga. Hope you enjoy!

1. Sunset Rock

If you were looking to propose (get proposed to) on a mountain, Sunset Rock is PERFECT. It's on Lookout Mountain and from this parking lot, only a 2-minute hike to the rock!

A fair warning - that parking lot only has 8 or 9 parking spots. Just keep that in mind when planning any trips up there.

Sunset Rock, as the name implies, has gorgeous sunsets and would make for the perfect backdrop to any proposal. Whether you're looking for a private proposal, or want to have a photographer present (visible or hidden), Sunset Rock is at the top of our list!

2. St. Elmo

The "man of steel" has nothing on this place. The Victorian-era neighborhood is full of charm and antique stores, making it a great spot for wandering with your loved one before popping the big question at one of many sidewalk cafes or restaurants after shopping for some new rings.

3. The Bluff View Art District

This spot is great for romantic walks, and its close proximity to downtown makes it convenient to take in the big lights of city life right before you get down on one knee. Also, if your significant other is into art, there are plenty of galleries full of beautiful pieces that make great conversation starters!

4. The Tennessee Riverwalk

The river is a great place to take a romantic stroll, and this path takes you from North Chattanooga all the way to Ross's Landing. Be sure to take in some of the city's other attractions along the way, like Coolidge Park or Renaissance Park, where they've got lots of love sculptures and waterfalls you can play around with before proposing.

5. The Tennessee River Gorge

If your significant other is into adrenaline and adventure, this might be a good spot for them! Nothing says "I want to spend my life with you," like dangling your loved one over the treacherous waters below and sending them into a panic

6. The Flying Squirrel Bar

It is one of the favorite date spots because it has great music and lots of fun events, which makes it perfect for those who like going out on Saturday nights with their friends. It's also pretty casual in terms of dress code, which can be a good thing if you are nervous about what to wear!

7. The Bitter Alibi

This place has some sweet views if you want to go do something with your significant other after dinner or drinks. It's not so high up that you have to climb stairs, but you still get the view. It's also one of Chattanooga's oldest restaurants and also a romantic spot for dating.

8. Ruby Falls

It is one of the first places people think of when they think of proposing in Chattanooga. It would indeed be a good place for that, but it's also an amazing place to enjoy yourself with friends or family. The cave is very unique and enjoyable to walk through.

9. Rock City Gardens

It is another first-date idea in Chattanooga. It looks more romantic by itself than up close, but if you are looking for something different to do and enjoy nature, then this might be a good idea. There are gardens, waterfalls, and winding trails through the rock formations of Lookout Mountain.

10. The Chattanooga River Market

It is a great place to go for lovers! It's full of beautiful flowers all year round, plus there are several restaurants and cafes in the area so that you can take your significant other out for dinner before or after. Be sure to check the schedule first because there are usually several events going on, including art shows and craft fairs.

11. Chattanooga Theatre Centre

It is a great date spot if you're looking for some affordable entertainment. There are always several shows going on throughout the year, and all of them are pretty good, especially those involving murder or a brothel! It's also not too far from downtown so you can take your significant other out for dinner at one of the many restaurants and cafes in the area.

12. Incline Railway

It is a great place for lovers in Chattanooga because it's full of many other young couples who love and share the same passion as you! There are also many places to eat along the way, so it will be a quick trip if your date isn't really into this kind of stuff.

13. The Tennessee Aquarium

The vast glass building full of water and fish might be a little off-putting for some, but that's exactly what'll make your significant other say yes: the idea of marrying someone who'd drag them through such an experience. If they're into saltwater fish and germs, then they'll say yes!

14. Final Gravity Brewing Company

It is a great date spot because there are so many other people you can talk to while you're waiting for your food. If you don't want to be interrupted, though, this might not be the place for you! The food is also really good and very affordable, plus they have outdoor seating available.

15. East Ridge

East Ridge is another nice city to walk around in, and it is just across the river from downtown Chattanooga. It's known for having some of Chattanooga's oldest buildings in it and is an excellent place for romance.

16. Blue Moon Pizza

It is a great date spot because there are so many other people you can talk to while you're waiting for your food. If you don't want to be interrupted, though, this might not be the place for you! The pizza is also really good and affordable, plus they have vegan options.

17. Rainbow Lake

Rainbow Lake in Chattanooga is the largest lake in the city. The peaceful pristine waters provide an amazing backdrop for a romantic proposal. If you are looking to pop the question on a boat, there are several watercraft available for rent at Rainbow Lake Marina.

18. The Chattanooga Parthenon

It is a great place to go for lovers! It's full of Athena statues and Zeus' heads, which are great conversation starters in case you run out of things to say before getting down on one knee. Also, if your significant other doesn't like this kind of stuff, there are always the Greek columns, which make for excellent backdrops when taking selfies.

19. Chattanooga State Community College

If you can't afford dinner and a movie before proposing, this is the place to go! This community college is full of tons of young couples in love and shares the same passion as you! Also, there aren't any parking meters, but there may be some police activity because it's pretty close to the courthouse.

20. The Chattanooga Zoo

It is a wonderful place for couples to spend an afternoon walking around and enjoying all of the animals that have been shipped in from exotic places so that you can see them! If you want to make things official, some special zookeepers will perform your wedding as long as you pay them enough money.


There are plenty of romantic spots in Chattanooga where you can make your special someone an offer they can't refuse. These 20 locales emphasize nature and beauty, from waterfalls to treetops, making them the best spots to pop the question! Chattanooga is said to be one of the romantic places in Tennessee. So it is recommended that we visit this place once we get a chance to explore the great and romantic places.

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