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Helping couples feel more comfortable and confident than

they were when they first arrived


When planning your wedding, you imagined your wedding pictures would be perfect.. perfect lighting, the first look, candid pictures.

But your dreams were quickly dashed. 


You realized the photographer you hired was late, they don't know how to pose you, and aren't willing to work with you to get the pictures you always dreamed of. Have 100% confidence in your wedding photographer. 

After 7 years and $7,000 worth of equipment, I'm more photojournalist than a wedding photographer. Unlike your Cousin Roger, I capture moments most amateurs fail to even consider. These are the moments that will stay hung on your walls 50 years from now - next to school portraits of your grandkids.

Before I started shooting, I'd gone to many weddings where the photography was just inconsistent. The most memorable experience was at my cousin's wedding.


The photographer’s camera died halfway through and they didn’t deliver any samples for 2 months. Then, at a friend's wedding, the photographer lost half of his pictures and my friends were devastated.


That's when I knew there was a need not being met.  

Our two most popular packages:

Couple kissing with a chattanooga engagement photographer.

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